Tips For Buying A Pressure Cooker
Posted on: 10/11/2016, by : Robert Maher

Some people may be having a negative reputation about the pressure cooker as they are known to explode. Okay, we can say the old pressure cookers had a problem of exploding. However, the modern pressure cookers are easy to use and safe. A pressure cooker is one of the essential kitchen cookware you must have as it makes cooking easier and faster. It is worth to have a pressure cooker as it produces healthy and delicious meal than the usual cooking. The following are factors to consider when buying a pressure cooker.


There two types of pressure cookers to choose from namely the stove top cooker and the electric cooker. The stove top cookers are more preferred than the electric cookers. They are more preferred because the electronic version has inner parts that are fitted with aluminum which makes it unsafe to acidic ingredients reaction. Sometimes it is not easy for some ingredients to turn brown when using the electric cooker.


Knowing the size of pressure cooker you need is a factor to consider before buying a pressure cooker. There are different types of cookers as some may come designed like saucepans which you may use when cooking vegetables and dishes. For a large family, big cookers are available. So when buying a pressure cooker it is important to know the number of people who are in your house that will need to cook for so that you do not have a small or an enormous pressure cooker.

Safety Features

When dealing with electric devices safety features is the first option to watch out for. The pressure of the cooker is increased by its operation which makes safety features to become an essential feature in deciding the type of pressure cooker to buy. If you are not carefully with the safety features, it may lead to an explosion. It is necessary for a pressure cooker to have pressure indicators, safety valves, and fitting lid locks in case you have kids in your house.

It is advisable to go stainless steel counterparts as aluminum have a disadvantage of reacting with acid ingredients which may affect the anticipated taste of food. Pressure cookers are very beneficial in each kitchen as the enable fast cooking of food for both small and large families. This also helps in minimizing expenses when making a meal. Always, go for modern types of pressure cookers they are safer than the old types of pressure cookers.